Harbingers of Change

Buttered omens washed in powered pollen Harbingers of Autumn Turning the season in secret Joy

Shape Shifters

A hoodwink captured Lens exception An axiom is shattered   “The camera never lies.” photo by author…


TV adds early morning ravaging my brain Turn it off and think Finding my center does not come easily

A Grief of Joy

Whispers In loud hushes Breathe relief Fragrant soul sounds of Holiness


Where I go myself follows. Id and ego, even being drizzles away. I am unseen even in shadow of the sun.   How do I prove or set value for or in a disappearing self? I cannot walk away even though I am not. Is it  then cowardess or hubris?   Oh Light of the…

Psycho Ceutical Phases

Brain rolls on radio waves speaking into silent space. Harbingers of darkness long forgotten in capsules laced With super-sonic powers sent from some elaborate office Space. And lost time I once remembered 

Canticle II

My soul thirsts for the living God. The deer seeks out water brooks. My most inner self longs for you, thirsts for the living God. His mountains of stone like Him stand. His rapids and floods cover… Source: Canticle II


My pen is bent to glory. I address my verses to the King. He anointed me with grace. My pen bends to a noble theme. Your dwelling places are lovely. Your throne is beyond our comprehension. Truly i… Source: Canticle


Twisted path of sticking sand Cold and desolate Dark clouds predicting gale  


A sliver of a crack I pass too near The hollowness knows me * Numb and restless, I stumble The sliver now a maw Making exquisite music * Reality and dream merge Maw and music become one I fall through the crack * Deep inside the sliver I see the crack I have passed too…