Contemplation on a Theme of Higher Thought

Almighty God, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid; Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love thee, and worthily magnify thy holy Name; through Christ our Lord. Amen…..1929 BCP

A cockpit awaits I long for far-away  galaxies  in trickling glow casting a gentle throbbing of light Making every honored Seat an ingenious throne of resting wonder.  

Silence Before God

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People cannot become perfect by dint of hearing or reading about perfection. The chief thing is not to listen to yourself, but silently to listen to God. Talk little and do much, without caring to be seen. God will teach you more than all the most experienced persons or the…

Glamour and Camera

“There is nothing new under the sun.” Women.  Our eyes are on our friends (and enemies). We dress for them, not men. We watch our figures for them. Meticulously we apply rouge and mascara. Our hair is our crown, hairdressers our un-spoken coveted necessity. Women. We would have beauty before all things and covet elegance,…

C Staff Minor and Friends

In a closed Facebook message we were challenged to find a different outcome for the Scenario in the “Bar”. Several posts were offered with 32,00+ shares. The following was my outcome.  The scenario at the “Bar” is described below the asterisks. Lots of fun for those of us who love and pretend to understand the magic…


Where I go myself follows. Id and ego, even being drizzles away. I am unseen even in shadow of the sun.   How do I prove or set value for or in a disappearing self? I cannot walk away even though I am not. Is it  then cowardess or hubris?   Oh Light of the…

Holy Week Words II

St. Augustine’s prayer posted yesterday is a call to praise, worship, belief and joy in forces unseen greater than ourselves.  Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, the day of Resurrection from death to life, from UN-seeing to seeing, from despair to joy, changes  absolutely everything. I look at the work of the artists and their…

Buji-nin: Photo Seeking Title

“Buji-nin” -D.T. Suzuki would sometimes sign himself “Buji-nin” or “No Special Person” Source: Buji-nin: Photo Seeking Title

Proof of Life: Buji-nin

  A young man, tall and strong-jawed born of a line of military genius, sarcastic and exuberantly witty, played in the Age of Aquarius. He haltingly tested his professors with his grasping min… Sou… Source: Proof of Life: Buji-nin